Renewables talk proves popular

On 5 May 2011, Climate Action Burwood Ashfield hosted a talk by Dr Adam Lucas of the University of Wollongong. In his talk, he presented a plan by a group of professional engineers called Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE) to convert all of Australia’s electricity production to renewable energy, such as wind and solar, within 10 years time. Their calculations showed that the cost would be about 3% of GDP over those 10 years.

Matt introduces Dr Adam Lucas

Matt introduces Dr Adam Lucas

Amazingly, he showed that seeing that the Australian grid needs massive investment anyway in the coming years, implementing the BZE plan would not cost the Australian people more. And it would save money because there would be no more need to pay for fossil fuels such as coal.

45 people attended (not including the organisers), which is an excellent result. 17 people completed our survey form with their contact details, and 6 of those indicated on the form they wanted to be involved in organising CABA activities.

The audience

The audience

Initially we only announced the talk to our mailing list (97 addresses) and in the Dateline section of the Inner West Courier (the local paper), which lists upcoming events. When the Inner West Courier learned about the talk, they decided to do an interview with the presenter. This was published a few days before the talk on 3 May 2011, further boosting publicity (online article | printed article).

This shows there is a lot of interest in renewable energy in the Ashfield area.

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